About Us

PACK PLAST, was founded in the year 1987 by our Founder Chairman Mr. Atul Shourie.

A humble but strong beginning saw commencement of production in the year 1988 in a record period of almost one year only. Mr. Shourie gave three most important words that were to set the benchmark for years to come: Quality, Accuracy and Service.

The vision had been set.

“To achieve complete Customer Satisfaction by reaching an impeccable balance between Accuracy, Quality and Service.”

Since then everyone associated with PACK PLAST has been striving to fulfill the vision statement in every step they take.

Today PACK PLAST boasts of numerous successfully completed projects. A Customer List that ranges from the Best in the Textile Industry to Powers Stations, from Hotels to Warehouses and from Defense to Research Labs.

Every possible industry has been touched and satisfied.