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Air Humidification/Dehumidification System

Air Humidification/Dehumidification System:

Air Humidification/Dehumidification Systems are specialized systems required in particular industries although it is encountered in all locations in different seasons.

Humidification as the word indicates, deals in increasing humidity in industries such as Textile, Tobacco etc. wherein constant high RH levels are required to for the end product.

For example, Cotton Spinning Units, generally require the production are to have a Temperature of 32°C at 65% RH to be maintained through out the year. This is achieved by Air Humidification Systems.

Humidification of Air can be performed by various ways such as water vapor, steam, evaporative media etc.

Dehumidification on the other hand is essential in industries like Pharma, Chemicals, Explosive Manufacturing etc. wherein a decrease in Humidity levels is required.

For example, Chemical Laboratories, generally require RH to be maintained between 30% to 45% throughout the year. This is achieved by Air De – Humidification Systems.

Dehumidification can be carried out carried out by any of the following procedures,  depending upon Client’s needs:
  • Dx Refrigeration
  • Chilled Water Coil
  • Chemicals like lithium chloride or any other desiccant

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