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Associations :: Blue Star

blue-star Blue Star is India's largest Central Air Conditioning company with an annual turnover of Rs 2800 crores, a network of 32 offices, 7 modern manufacturing facilities, over 2000 dealers and around 2500 employees. The Company has manufacturing facilities at Thane, Dadra, Bharuch, Himachal, Wada and Ahmedabad which use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure that the products have consistent quality and reliability.We at PACK PLAST are their “Channel Partners” offering products exclusively of Blue Star. Their product & service range includes:
  • Electro Mechanical Projects And Packaged Air Conditioning Systems This comprises central and packaged air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire-fighting and industrial projects. The central and packaged air conditioning business involves design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and support of large central air conditioning plants, packaged air conditioners and ducted split air conditioners.
  • Cooling Products Blue Star offers a wide range of contemporary window and split air conditioners. The Company also manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration products and services that cater to the industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors. These include water coolers, bottled water dispensers, deep freezers, cold storages, bottle coolers, ice cube machines and supermarket refrigeration products and eutectic freezers.
  • Professional Electronics And Industrial Systems For over five decades, the Electronics Division has been the exclusive distributor in India for many internationally renowned manufacturers of hi-tech professional electronic equipment and services, as well as industrial products and systems. The Company has carved out profitable niches for itself in most of the specialized markets it operates in, such as such as Industrial Products and Systems, Non Destructive Testing, Testing Machines, Data Communication Products & Services, Testing and Measuring Instruments and Healthcare Systems

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